Do you know your creative teen has 

incredible potential,

but ​you wonder if they'll ever get it together?

teen girl asleep on her books in the library

​You know they are smart, but they just aren't great students.

​They spend lots of time ​honing creative talents, but you think they need to do more school work.

You want to​ UNLOCK YOUR TEEN'S ​POTENTIAL but have no idea where to begin.

​​You CAN ​Dream Big & Take Action with your Out-of-the-Box Teen, who doesn't quite fit the norm, who has amazing potential, and who has big dreams, in an Out-of-the-Box way.

​I get asked all the time how we ​do high school at home and create space for our teens to be who they are and make their dreams come true.

Let me ​teach you ​how to turn your teen's dreams to real plans that ​will help your teens to finally take action on their goals.

Goals aren't just for Type A people!

This is Rebecca. She's super artsy and is not a typical overachiever.

​But, she's been making plans and meeting her goals since before high school​ using our simple system.

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Are you ready to help your ​CREATIVE TEENS turn their ​BIG DREAMS into ​​GOALS they can conquer?

Dream Big & Take Action: Goal Conquering for Teens

is a ​6 step system to help your teen turn their great big dreams into goals they can take action on

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​Heather is the Queen of homeschooling strategies to get your student motivated and on track to make and meet their goals.

Heather’s goal setting course is spot on. It’s not just a list of “good ideas” but the actual process she takes her kids through to get excited, take ownership, and make things happen.

Having an out of the box student myself, I know how frustrating it can be to encourage them to be consistent.

This program gives them the confidence and personalized roadmap to stay the course. The course that’s been laid out in a realistic and doable way!

Heather has been so generous in her decades long support of homeschooling moms.

She knows exactly what to do and exactly how to teach you what she knows.

This goal setting program is the perfect first step to a great homeschooling year-our last! for our family.

​Shonda Palmer ​homeschooling mom and wellness coach

​Dream Big & Take Action: Goal Conquering for Teens is all about helping your Out-of-the-Box teen ​THINK BIG, bring their ​DREAMS INTO FOCUS, and to ​CONQUER THE GOALS they set for themselves.

Once they Dream Big and establish goals to conquer, they'll be ready to make the most of their high school years and beyond!

frustrated teen at a laptop with head in hands

Is Your Teen:

Full of dreams ​but unsure where to begin? 

I'll help your teen to break down the process and find their starting point.

Or unmotivated and not dreaming at all? 

Chances are they haven't discovered what they're really passionate about or they feel like what they are interested in is out of reach.

I'll help your teen to find the concrete steps for reaching their dreams.

Remember Rebecca? She's turning her big dreams into reality over and over again!

Homeschooling High School by Design- young woman at a dressform draping a skirt

Rebecca started sewing when she was 8.

It's the only activity she ever wanted to do more than once.

8yo girl at a sewing machine

We found ways to explore sewing with her, always pressing into new skills.

As her skills grew, we provided opportunities for her through low and no cost community efforts, websites, and books.

At 10 she began drafting.

At 11 she started attending university runway shows and decided then she wanted to walk the runway as a designer herself.

At 13 she was entering design contests and she started her sewing school.

Her design was featured in a curated collection with known adult designers and design students.

Homeschooling High School by Design- girl with her sewing fashion design

She taught 10 students in 4 classes from age 13 to 18 and reached big goals along the way like upgrading her tools and writing and adapting curriculum for her students.

Throughout high school, she took a course we created called Sewing & Design. She had five credits of this course on her transcript when she applied to design school.

Rebecca took on the portfolio with research and designs to help children with sensory disorders.

teenage girl at a dress form working

Rebecca's experiences and accomplishments were rewarded with one of roughly 25 slots in the Fiber Science & Apparel Design at Cornell University.

In design school, she's thriving!

Rebecca has won art contests, made the dean's list, designed a head turner for the annual runway show, and secured a research assistant job in the world renowned costume collection. Rebecca also worked in the department's dye garden and was chosen as the designer for an environmental grant project all in her freshman year!

Now she's designing two pieces for this year's runway show as well as other designs for curated shows she applied for.

Just look at that confident look below! It captures perfectly a dream realized as she walked the runaway with her model at the very show she committed to being a part of 8 years earlier.

Homeschooling High School by Design- college fashion design student on the runway with her model and design

YOUR TEEN can do this too!

It is 100% possible for our teens to dream big and PURPOSEFULLY CONQUER THE GOALS they set for themselves.  

What if you could guide your Out-of-the-Box Teen to Dream Big & Take Action with concrete steps that take them from dreaming to conquering?


The goal conquering course contains practical materials to help you and your teen walk through the steps of setting up goals that are achievable.  

The course is broken into bite size steps with down to earth videos and handy printables.

​Heather is an excellent homeschool mentor with both the educational background and years of homeschool experience to offer guidance and wisdom.  

I’ve found her materials and her coaching to be helpful, detailed, and effective.  

Lindsey Carter ​Homeschool mom of teens

​Inside Dream Big & Take Action

Dream Big & Take Action: Goal Conquering for Teens gives you the tools you need to guide your Out-of-the-Box Teen in setting and ​evaluating goals, so they can conquer their goals and make their dreams come true.

12 action packed, video lessons lead you through 6 steps and ​help your teen to:

  • Learn how to get your teen to own the process- so they will be in control and more motivated (can I get a heck yes?!)
  • ​​Let your teen dream big and think of all the possibilities- ​so they’re EXCITED to start achieving their goals… and they’re choosing the ones that matter most to them.
  • ​Learn how to beat overwhelm- ​​by breaking down big dream goals into smaller tasks- ​so they can easily see how their small actions can lead to big accomplishments
  • ​Discover how to find time to work toward their goals​- ​The time management skills your teen will learn in this course will serve them for years to come!
  • Learn how to evaluate your progress along the way- ​so your teen can tweak, adjust, and keep making forward progress, no matter what obstacles they face

I can’t wait to help you and your teen make INCREDIBLE PROGRESS towards their biggest goals!

Along with 12 lessons that dive deep into GOAL CONQUERING with teens, you get:

​Once you purchase you'll have instant access ​to the online 12 lesson workshop and you'll have it forever!

​Purchase Dream Big & Take Action Goal Conquering for Teens!


The goal-setting workshop has been amazing so far. I have a tendency to micromanage my kids' lives, and it has helped me realize and accept that they need to take ownership. Plus, when they have buy-in, they tend to be more motivated, so it makes the job easier for me.

I particularly found the section on unmotivated teens helpful because I have two of those kids. And their excuse is always, "I haven't figured what I want to do yet, so I will do nothing." Having practical ways to address those roadblocks (as well as making me feel normal) while still keeping them accountable has been empowering.

​Kisha Rahming ​homeschool mom of two high schoolers

​Homeschool high school with peace & confidence as you mentor your Out-of-the-Box teen through this 12 lesson, goal-conquering workshop!

Are you ready to help your teen to Dream Big & Take Action?

​It's time to homeschool high school with peace & confidence!

​Do You Ask Yourself What If?

​What if things were different?

What if I could help turn things around for my teen?

The 12 lessons in the course aren't just something we made up to share. ​

WE USE THIS PROCESS ​EVERYDAY in our homeschool.

We could have:

  • ​Made our teens learn our way
  • ​Insisted that work be done in a traditional way
  • ​Saved the creative work for last
  • ​Undervalued our teen's biggest talents
  • ​Led the way instead of handing over the control of their own education to our teens

Dream Big & Take Action: Goal Conquering for Teens is a tool we use to help our homeschooled high schoolers ​TURN THEIR DREAMS ​INTO GOALS they can conquer.

The skills they practice ​help your teens to not only make discoveries about what they love now, it equips them for ​LIFELONG GOAL CONQUERING!

​Dream Big & Take Action ​FAQ

How long do I have access to the course? Your access is instant and you have access for a lifetime.

What is the course format? Each lesson has a video to watch, homework to do with a workbook to download for doing it, and additional reading to learn more about the topic.

​Is the course for teens or parents? The answer is both! Parents watch the lessons first and lead their teens through the process.

How often should I use the goal conquering process? Once your teen goes through the process the first time and creates goals, works on them, and evaluates them, it's time to start again with a new goal.

​My teen is new to goal setting. Is this course for us? Yes! This course is about dreaming, planning, working on, and conquering goals. It's ok to start slow and try it out and add bigger goals the next time around.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

​This process is tried and true and we live by it in our homeschool. It's a fantastic experience for teens!

If you are not satisfied with the course material inside Dream Big & Take Action: Goal Conquering for Teens, you can get your money back. Just ask.

Heather Woodie at Blog, She Wrote

Heather Woodie ​is on a mission to help families with Out-of-the-Box Teens homeschool high school with peace and confidence.

​Homeschooling four of her own Out-of-the-Box Teens, two of whom graduated and are thriving at their dream ​schools with large scholarships and an Ivy League admission, Heather wants to mentor other families to homeschool differently with purpose and peace.

​She went from a public school science educator with a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction, Secondary Education, to homeschooling four kids in a project based, relaxed environment.

​If she can leave behind convention and homeschool Out-of-the-Box Teens, meeting them where they are, so can you!

Get started by helping your Out-of-the-Box Teen define her dreams and make plans to conquer them!

A goal properly set is halfway reached. - Zig Ziglar

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